Forget gym and try the O2 Magnetic Dumbbells to make muscles anywhere and everywhere!

O2 Magnetic Dumbbells

We all love to see ourselves as lean, muscular and in shape and the most appealing parts of the human body are chest and biceps. But making those guns look bigger is not easy! One has to pump a lot of iron and have an excellent proteinaceous diet to make muscles stronger and bigger so that we are healthy and aesthetically appealing to all. To help guys and the women folk workout in a better way than traditional gym training, Mr. Suhyun Yoo has devised electro-magnetic dumbbells called the O2 MAGNETIC DUMBBELLS which are ideal for working out at any...

Smart Swimming Goggles comes with an interactive display screen and 3D camera


We are gradually moving into a progressive age, where machines and devices are also judged by their smartness. However, this degree of ‘smartness’ should have more to do with how the contraption harmonizes with human convenience, rather than its intrinsic level of artificial intelligence. Well, the Smart Swimming Goggles certainly abides by this dictum with its myriad of advanced yet convenient features, which goes well beyond its functionality as just a simple eye cover.

Apron Alert allows your cooking apron to tweet!


The quirky trend of odd wearable emanating odd tweets still continues with the Apron Alert. Based around a scientific project that involved improving our kitchen experience, this gear was contrived by some designers at the Smart Design’s Interaction Lab. The basic set up comprises of an apron that remarkably tweets just when the preparation for your meal has started and when it has finished.

BodyGuardian RMS allows for remote monitoring of heart conditions


Cardiac arrhythmias alludes to a range of heart conditions that denote unbalanced electrical activity in the heart. The very nature of their abnormality make the conditions hard to either predict or detect, thus resulting in life threatening medical emergencies. In this regard, semiconductor producer firm STMicroelectronics has teamed up with Preventice, a mobile health solution developer, to provide for an effective solution. The solution calls for a ‘real world’ remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias, which can be done even form the comfort of the patient’s home.

Designer contrives a weight reducing smart gear for postal workers

final design_exo

It may come as a bit of a shocker, but on a daily average a postal worker handles around a whopping 250 kgs of mail. To put things into perspective, that is actually more than four times the average human mass (which stands at 62 kgs). And, of course because of the manual handling of such high weight ratios, many of our ever friendly postmen go through serious health issues like carpal tunnel syndromes. In this regard, design student Doris Feurstein has contrived her very own innovative solution for postmen, in the form an exclusive body gear for lessening the overall weight...

Wear your sunglasses not just for sun-ban but HD recording too

HD video recording sunglasses (2)

Have you ever imagined of wearing sunglasses which can record videos for you? If there were any, it would simply eliminate the need of carrying a video recording camera and I must be kidding! No, actually I am not, because Hammacher Schlemmer have brought sunglasses that not only record videos but record them in high definition (HD). These polarized sunglasses record high-definition video right from the wearer’s point of view. There is a pinhole-sized 720p lens in the bridge of the frame that can captures 1280 x 720 HD video at 35 fps across a 72 degree wide angle. The...

Pocket Brief is a revolutionary product for Nephrostomy patients

Pocket Briefs for Nephrostomy patients

You might have seen many folks carrying Urine bags in their hands when you make a visit to a hospital. Many of these can be simply urine bags inserted into the bladder vie urethra for patients who have some urogenital or renal anomalies but greater is the ordeal with guys who undergo Nephrostomy (a procedure that diverts waste liquid from the kidneys through a tube). For these patients, their pain is already a cause for bothering and tribulation and upon that they have to store their waste flushed from the kidney into external bags which not only look displeasing but...

Designer conceptualizes a ‘home theater’ headset with iPhone


In this age of mercurial technological advancement, there is one trend that remains nigh constant: small is beautiful. In this regard, designer Mike Enayah has tried to follow the ‘micro’ dictum by conceptualizing his very own home theater system, powered by none other than the exalted iPhone.

Reebok’s new Sports Impact Indicator device for making sports safer

Reebok-CMM hockey and Cambridge’s MC10 sports impact indicator device

What can spoil a perfect athlete’s health and even end his/her carrier is an injury, which can happen while practice sessions or real game. The worst among these injuries are head injuries like concussions. There are many types of helmets which are available in the market to prevent or soak the shock caused by such injuries. But what if we are able to know the scale of damage caused by an injury and determine there and then if we need a medical help or can resume our game, measuring the impact of injuries? Well, this is not just an imagination...

Sens’it’ive makes blind aware of their surroundings

Sensitive vision for blind

Imagine being blind and surely you will get chills to your spine! Indeed, opthamology has made a lot of progress in improving the scenario with blind people but there are certain vision anomalies that cannot be treated even today. So, to overcome this deficit in a blind human, Cyrille Rouffiat is working on an eyewear that can detect obstacles in the path of blind guys (wearing it), thus reducing their risk of  bumping into something & fall over; preventing them from getting  minor or serious injuries. This white, opaque yet sleek aid for the blind, currently in-research is known as Sens’it’ive....