British company unveils the world’s most advanced bionic arm

November 11, 2012 Admin Featured

It is not everyday we gizmo freaks get to see the real life counterpart to the exalted ‘Terminator-esque’ limb. However, Leeds based company prosthetic company RSLSteeper has certainly kicked up a few notches when it comes to bionic technology. According to them, their scientists have created the world’s most evolved bionic hand. And, the beneficiary of this fascinating contrivance is the 53 year old Nigel Ackland, a smelter who lost his arm in a industrial bending machine accident.

Christened as the ‘bebionic3’, the $40,000 mechanical arm is crafted from lightweight yet remarkably sturdy carbon fiber. The upper appearance of the arm can also be changed to natural skin tone by covering up with a realistic silicone shell, available in 19 different shades. However, beyond the visual side of affairs, it is the core technology that really tickles our gizmo fueled fancy.

Sensitivity is the name of the game when it comes to practical utilization of bionic arms. In this regard, Nigel Ackland has claimed that the bebionic3 is the next best thing to his own biological hand. As a matter of fact, he can take part in numerous daily activities like holding a raw egg, dressing himself up and even typing on a keyboard. All of these is possible because of the sensors embedded inside the prosthesis that react to his muscles in the upper arm, thus triggering one of the advanced 14 programs that mimic human grip. These device oriented grips can also be regulated to a heavy and light ‘touch’, making it very conscientiously convenient for the wearer.

Via: TheSun