Ergowalker back support for reducing chronic lower back pain and easy mobility

November 9, 2012 Gaurav Sood Accessories

Let it be sedentary lifestyle making us fat or the lack of physical exercise; both have a major contribution in spoiling our health and the very identity of our soul, i.e. our body. Over the past few decades, lifestyle related disorders & maladies have increased one major discomfort in our life and that is chronic lower back (spinal) pain. Though, in 60% cases, its myofascial but can be serious as a symptom of spinal, boney or any other malignancy. Whatever the cause may be, lower back pain can hamper all our activities & cause us to be dull all the time. More than what it costs to the government & organizations as a medical liability, it costs the one suffering from it.

Keeping this in mind and working in collaboration with many physiotherapists & chiropractors, the developers of Ergowalker have devised this back support device for easing pain in patients suffering from chronic lower back pain. Conceptualized from the Nordic walking poles, Ergowalker is a device which is worn on the back, while one is walking. This is important to note that people who are fat, obese or have impaired spine would slouch or bend forward from the centre of gravity, stretching the lower spine, making it more painful.

Ergowalker with its unique design targets this particular site and allows straight-spinal mobility, reducing pressure on the spine. One can also engage in voluntary hand movements & exercises wearing this device and improve their health. Many other back supporting products like the Teeter, Dynaspine Back Support etc are available in the market but Ergowalker is comparatively better as it is lighter in weight, sleek and designed from high quality materials.

So, if you are suffering from chronic back pain and wish to ease it, you must give Ergowalker a try!