Track your vitals and movements just by wearing Amiigo bracelet

November 10, 2012 Gaurav Sood Sports

Jump, run, hop, dance or just relax for now, you can monitor your vitals & track your movements just by wearing a wrist band & shoe clip. You must be thinking that if this was true, why would the world invest in hefty digital-mechanical computerized machinery for knowing all the above? But luckily, the former is very true and in your hands. Amiigo has launched wrist bands with shoe clips which not only looks trendy and beautiful but are also imbedded with digital motion & vital sensors.

Amiigo is made from thermoplastic elastomers and stainless steel, which gives it a very impressive look and is also water proof. Now, you can work out in the gym, play sport in the field, skate in the rink and swim in the pool or just have fun on the beaches in a hot, sunny weather; Amiigo will tell you all about your body.

The tiny Amiigo shoe clip fits comfortably on any shoelace or shoe strap and tracks your movements being hardly noticeable in any environment. The wrist band and shoe clip needs to be worn together for a synergetic computing of data, the wrist band tracks the heart rate, blood oxygen (oximetry) levels and skin temperature.

The best thing about this Amiigo is its small size, elegant design and water proof mechanism and you can share your computed movement (gestures) & vital data & exercises on various digital devices including your phone and tell your amigos. So, do not forget to grab your Amiigo after it is launched.

Via Technabob