iSiri Smartwatch lets you control iPhone without even touching it

November 10, 2012 Gaurav Sood Technology

To own an iPhone is certainly one of the most interesting things that any human being can imagine. What is even more interesting is how further can one go with their iPhones and the technologies it offers? This is a question which everyone had been asking Apple and Apple users to themselves. Have you ever imagined, how much better the world would become if we were able to use our iPhones without even touching them? Until now, indeed the iPhone has revolutionized our world and to make it even better, Federico Ciccarese has come up with a concept called the iSiri smartwatch.

No, iSiri smartwatch is not a smartphone in itself but comes as an accessory to the iPhone, making its utility far more easier and to say fully hands-free. According to Federico’s concept, you can control everything on your iPhone and also give feedback right from your wrist, just by wearing this smartwatch. Now whether you are on the move, in a meeting or driving your wheels; you can just practically do everything on your iPhone by using this smartwatch.

Though, iSiri smartwatch is still under a developmental process but we can hope that this revolutionary accessory would soon come into the market. The only questions now remains is whether this new technology would make things simpler or make people overindulgent with their apple iPhones!

# iSiri Smartwatch concept

Via- Ciccaresedesign