Fraunhofer’s OLED glasses for handsfree computer navigation controlled by eyes

November 6, 2012 Gaurav Sood Gear

There are many computers in the market and some of them are excellent. In the days of old, we imagined and created computers that were designed to be positioned anywhere, then we made portable computers like the laptops, palmtops for example, the iPad etc. But this was not the limit and the concept of creating wearable computers came into existence. With the development of Google Glass and Motorola Solutions HC1, we dawned at the future of wearable computers. Now adding one more pearl to this collection of wearable computers comes the OLED glasses from Fraunhofer Center for Organics, Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (COMEDD), Germany. These OLED glasses are different than the previous line of wearable computers as these do not require any manual control. Surprised, as you may all be but this is the fact!

COMEDD’s OLED glasses have been designed keeping in view those technical people who need to navigate in and between computer software while performing their respective trades with dirty or unclean hands like the mechanics, plumbers, surgeons etc. As these cannot afford to lose time in washing their hands before using a hardware device and again continuing their work, the Fraunhofer OLED glasses come as a perfect solution to their hardware and software navigation problems. These OLED glasses contain within their lenses a combination of photodiodes and OLED pixels, where the former will function as a camera, helping to register the direction of the wearer’s eye movements, while the OLED pixels will work together in order to form a display which is laid over on the view via the glasses.

Upon looking up while wearing these glasses, your eyes will see the document displayed as if projected at a distance of about one meter, right in front of you. To turn the pages, you just need to glance at the arrow within the display and it will turn. These OLED glasses keep your hands free while doing anything with this computer; you can also send and receive information simultaneously in a wireless manner to boot. These glasses can revolutionize the world of wearable computers as they allow handsfree usage to one’s documents and files while working manually at something else.

Via: CoolestGadgets