Stryker’s Allayant saves the paramedics’ spine

November 5, 2012 Gaurav Sood News

If you are a paramedic attending many calls in a single day; lifting and carrying patients from accident sites, home or even hospital wards can strain your back, leaving you in pain and stress. Keeping in mind the amount of physical stress that the back bone of a paramedic bears every day, Leonardo Ochoa at the Art Centre College of Design has designed a uniform for Stryker, Christened as Allayant which comes as a rescue angel for paramedics. This uniform has an artificial built-in spine (spring) which supports the back and torso of the paramedic wearing it, reducing the strain and pressure off the biological spine.

Allayant can be loosened and worn normally in day to day environment but can be tightened in emergency situations on a response call. It supports the paramedics’ back while they engage in lifting and carrying. The back brace automatically adjusts to the bend and contrary motion of the back, giving full room to the wearer while performing their duties.

Via: Idsa