Play Me: The Human Instruments gives insight into wearable technologies

In an effort to take e-textile manufacturing and wearable technologies to the next level a two day workshop was organized in Portugal for the same. The participants were shown how to make textile sensors from handmade conductive thread, yarns or fabric. These sensors are very sensitive and can be designed specifically to capture gestures of human body and then translate them into sound output. To do this the lilypad arduino is used to read the sensor input and wirelessly transfer it via Bluetooth or xbee to a computer having Max/MSP software.

Proximity sensing sunglasses project live performance data in front of athletes’ eyes

People have said that when you are competing in a race or a marathon, you should never look back. But, this little design from Luc Fusaro for Oakley will make you look back without actually turning back. Does that sound confusing to you? Let’s simplify it a bit for you to understand. We are here talking about the light mirrors sunglasses concept which is innovative in design and will be a great addition as an eyewear for elite athletes.

Kinetic Dress that creates electroluminescent halo around Victorian era clothing

Victorian dress always has that retro charm associated to it and if the same dress can create a magic halo around the wearer depending on their mood or feeling then it is rather unbelievable. But the Kinetic Dress makes it possible because of its reactivity to the wearer’s mood and activities at that point in time. Kinetic Dress is made from elastic textile entrenched with sensors at important points to gauge the body’s vital readings. The external skirt section of this dress is covered with electroluminescent embroidery which displays the analyzed data from the sensors in the form of a...

T-shirt fabric converted into source of electrical power for smartphones

Flexible electronics are the future we are steadily heading towards, we will one day have regular electronics rolled up in our pockets. But before that we’ll need flexible batteries to meet the flexible displays being made these days. To make the future real, researchers at the University of South Carolina have converted a cotton T-shirt fabric into an electrical power source which behaves as a flexible supercapacitor.

Nike LunarTR1 + Sports Pack training shoe turns you into a professional athlete on the street

Who doesn’t want to get world-class level training from professional athletes to enhance physical performance and have a fit body? Surely you want to be in this league and that is why Nike has launched its new Nike LunarTR1 + Sports Pack training shoe (for men and women) which trains you just like a professional athlete and with the same intensity. The training shoe is light weight and very comfortable on the inside having new age Lunarlon cushioning combined with sole grip that you’ll love. And yes there is the ultra-strong Flywire technology to provide amazing grip while running or...

Flexible wearable antenna system for quicker breast cancer detection than mammography

Breast cancer is most common type of cancer detected in women across the globe and it has steadily emerged as the top cancer killers in women. It is believed that early detection of breast cancer increases survival rate among breast cancer patients, but unavailable sources for early cancer detection have been a vital reason why millions of women have lost their lives. Now, a team of researchers at the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis have developed a bra-like wearable antenna system, with a motive to help women detect breast cancer early by regular screening.

Memoirs functional USB jewelry courtesy 3D printing for hot fashion style statement

It’s the high tech age and so the jewelry of this age should also be drenched in technology. Memoirs by Ashleigh Woodmass is a collection of fashionable jewelry with a functional USB embedded to have music, photos and other important files right at your fingertips. The collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces that let you flaunt fashion statement with the option to pass this digital jewelry to your coming generations.

Pressure-sensing insole and wristband to curb diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Diabetes is one of the most fatal deceases worldwide, claiming millions of lives each year. Problems like decreasing eyesight and diabetic peripheral neuropathy are common problems associated with diabetes that make the patient end up losing eyesight or become can amputee. There have been lenses etc made to treat patient with Glaucoma (resulting out of diabetes) or instruments to track the blood sugar levels, but SurroSense Rx is first solution to address the problem of peripheral neuropathy.

Peformance enhancing light weight 3D printed shoe developed for Olympic athletes

Developing the best performance shoes for Olympic athletes has always been the craving for shoe manufacturers, trying to fine tune mechanical properties of sprint shoe to enhance athletic performance. Luc Fusaro a creative engineer and designer has developed a customized running shoe for Olympic athletes that claims to increase their performance by 3.5%, which is quite considerable taking into account the importance of shading seconds off the final time in key sprint events. The shoe is 3D printed to maintain the customizable properties, thereby not restricting the manufacturing process to mere standard dimensions.

World’s first self-chilling can chills beer at touch of a button in two minutes

Being out on a beach party, I often forget to carry an ice box or a small freezer as a result being forced to have lukewarm beer to spoil the mood. This is a scenario with most of us, most of the time, but it may stand to change for you, if you are in the UK i.e., with the Chillcan. This self-chilling can to go on sale in the UK later this year, with a push of a button turns lukewarm beer to ice cold drink in two minutes. Yes, our woes seem answered!