Whisper wearable technology based on small wearable and handheld devices

July 23, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

This all new wearable device and handheld technology called Whisper developed by Thecla Schiphorst & Susan Kozel which is a networked ecosystem comprised of small intelligent devices that truly replicate the wearer’s movement and intention. At most 12 participants can move in and out of the space with their discretion to use the deivces which are embedded into hat, cape, belt or jacket and then transmitted to the central Whisper database or on the floor.

Making use of wearable computers and wireless communication, Whisper is a participatory installation for generating and also representing the data flow in intimate connection with bodies producing the effect. As the networked devices are worn close to the skin surface it truly reveals the physical data pattern of the body, amazingly representing the heartbeat, breath and attention of bunch of performers into a shared signal on common network. According to the developers of this niche wearable technology they will use devices like displays, miniature speakers, matchbox webservers and small vibrating motors along with materials like tactile silks, latex twine, rubber, knits and paper which will be a perfect amalgamation of costumes for theatrical and body sculptures.

Via: V2