Sustainable ST- bracelet concept becomes a blessing when you have to visit a doctor

July 21, 2012 Yash Accessories

Since 2003, Shih Chien University – located in New Taipei City, Taiwan – has bagged about eleven design awards. This year too, the institution has something new to show that has been appreciated by thousands and has fetched them iF design award 2012. Named ST-bracelet, the concept is innovative, unique, purposeful, time-saving, and sustainable too. It beats all common bracelets especially at the times when you have to visit your doctor or go to a nearby hospital for a regular check-up. In the category of wearable technology, ST- bracelet is a great concept that defines flexible display with purpose and a statement for the fashion technology enthusiasts too.

Think about the times when you visit a hospital. Try to remember what you do once you are there. Normally, you get yourself registered, queue up in a long row, and wait for hours for your turn. Once you are called, only then you get an opportunity to finally see the doctor and get examined. There are times when individual appointments get delayed for many of the reasons. ST- bracelet comes to function just here. Made up of flexible electronic paper that has flexible sheet metal, the sleek bracelet displays the number of current patient who is being attended by the doctor. This helps patients who are sitting or waiting for their turn by estimating the time remaining in their appointment. This way, the patient has not to keep worrying about his/her turn and also can utilize his/her time efficiently.

After being examined by the doctor, the patient can check prescribed medication displayed on the same bracelet screen. Isn’t that amazing? ST- bracelet thus saves your energy and lets you know about the time that you can use for some other purpose. Apart from all these advantages, this bracelet lets you live an sustainable life as it averts the usage of the paper and provides a sustainable solution for both, patients as well as doctors.