Jumping Jumper motion sensitive skirt that sparkles in the dark with movement

July 23, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

This is a motion sensitive skirt that sparkles in the dark according to the movement of wearer as she makes waves, courtesy some nifty electronics embedded into it. Called as Jumping Jumper the skirt is made by The Intern (e-textile lounge) and showcased by Mieux, a famous model. All the sparkling effect is achieved using Sparkle, accelerometer and around 40 light boards which are connected using two wires thereby reducing the wiring complexities and of course chances of a short circuit.

The synched effect is achieved using a very simple program and the flexibility to add different sensors makes it possible to add any kind of sensors like sound or temperature to achieve the desired effect with this skirt. Two AA batteries are used to power the whole thing and the sewing techniques like using crimping beads to connect wire and conductive thread and single stitching through inner layer of this skirt.

Via: Aniomagic