Double Agent Shoes: Carry it concealed in style

July 19, 2012 Bharat Fashion

All of us have seen those old 70s and 80s spy flicks and ‘Bond’ classics where some very valuable secret information on a piece of paper is carried in the heel of the boots. Just swivel the heel and the tiny little secret compartment is revealed. With the way woman’s fashion and the height of heels is headed these days, you bet one can carry a lot more in the heel of a shoe. And that is precisely what the crazily creative folk at Bellona Fashions have come up with. The Double Agent shoe may not make you one of Charlie’s favorite angels, but its sure can carry a concealed load.


The idea of the shoe is apparently to ensure that woman can carry what they need without having to pull out a purse every time. One assumes these would serve well within the confine of a restroom as they pull out the lipstick and the gloss to look dazzling again. And that is not all you can carry inside these pretty spacious shoes. Credit cards, keys and any other valuables can also be easily and safely hidden away.

And if you are travelling to a neighborhood or even a new country where you do not feel all too safe, then this might not be a very bad option; scary, but still smart. And Bellona Fashions have a wide variety of these shoes that include the Safari, Black Widow and Huntress. The collection starts at $145, so take your pick if you wish to cram in portability with style in a unique fashion.