eSSAGE: Bodysuit allows you to get a refreshing massage over Wi-Fi!

July 19, 2012 Bharat Featured

There is absolutely no doubt that wireless technology has changed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. Add to that the wide array of handheld devices in the form of smartphones and tablets and the world now seems to be constantly ‘on the go’. If everything else is available at your fingertips and swipe of the screen, then why not a relaxing and comforting massage offered by a person on the others side of the globe? That is precisely what designer André Cofield thought when he designed the eSSAGE.

The eSSAGE is a body suit that can offer you a massage from anyone located at any point in the globe. Just zip up the body suit (which is designed for both men and women) and let the masseuse or your loved one give you the right massage using the controls of the android or Apple smartphone. They can control the sensitive pressure points in the suit called the Electro Active Polymers over a wi-fi network and pretty much give you exactly what you need.

To be very honest, the concept of a remote massage does seem pretty strange, but we might get used to it over time. This might be definitely useful if you need an expert adjustment and the guy who can do it is currently on a vacation in some far off exotic place. It offers both comfort and connectivity and if the massage option fails, you can maybe tweak the sensors and use the suit as a full on torture chamber… A tweak here and a twist there to extract information, maybe!