Shoe-mounted controller detects gestures to operate your smartphone secretly

July 18, 2012 Bharat Technology

We are all smartphone addicts in some way or the other but our excessive use of phones often makes those around us really pissed. Risk sending an email during a family dinner and your spouse is displeased, try sending a text in a meeting and your boss is almost ready to kill you – but all this is set to change with ShoeSense – a smart motion sensor for your shoes that detects hand gestures to let you operate your smartphone secretly.

ShoeSense by Gilles Bailly is a wearable computing system for your smartphone, which lets you gesture to your shoe and control your phone for just about anything – from sending an email to receiving a call, and from switching the music track to hanging up the call – all without having to reach out for the phone.

Presently the ShoeSense comes with a set of three different gestures Triangle, Radial and Finger-Count which makes the system capable of doing almost everything expect writing out a real text or an email with gestures. Comprising a single board computer equipped with 512MB RAM and 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor the ShoeSense also has a camera and a battery pack all stuffed up in the shoe to detect your gestures and convey them to the phone. So, are you ready to operate your smartphone with a snap of your fingers? Well, you’ll have to wait a little long until the prototype can actually make real. Please hit the jump to see the video and understand the ShoeSense better.

Via: KinectHacks/PCWorld