October 19, 2012 Bharat

A team of girls studying at the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona have come up with an innovative wearable invention for the children aged two to four when they are playing around swimming pool. Named ‘Watawescue,’ it is a cozy and comfortable T-shirt that turns into a life preserver by inflating automatically when it gets soaked into water. (more…)

October 18, 2012 Bharat

They generally tell you that the passionate guys are the ones that wear their ‘heart on their sleeve’. Well, for a change you can showcase it on your t-shirt now and thanks to the latest GIF technology, that is literally possible! Created by New York based artists Sean Montgomery, the tee can pretty much tap directly into the rhythm of your very own heartbeat and reflects it out for everyone to see. The brilliant idea uses your EKG to produce a flash of red light on the ‘Heart-felt Apparel’ t-shirt, which pretty much syncs up with your own heart. (more…)

October 17, 2012 Gaurav Sood

A slight combination of technology with clothing turns out to be a highly desired innovation. Such an example is the Music Hat(Imusic Wireless Music Knitted Cream Hat), a cleverly knitted winter fashion accessory for the music lovers, which apart from keeping your ears warm also allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the move. With headphone speaker positioned over each ear, this hat is very cosy, comfortable and warm. (more…)

July 26, 2012 Bharat

Environmentally friendly fabrics and clothing cannot be strong, this is one myth I had grown up with, but Victor Group – specialists in apparels has turned the truth onto my face with their latest introduction dubbed the Ecoshield. As the name suggests, this new fabric is fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, made specifically for protective clothing for workers and individuals involved in works dealing with fire. Ably meeting all security standards, the Ecoshield, which is first fabric comprising post-consumer recycled aramid fabric waste is more comfy than the virgin aramid products and offers protection at par with the virgin fabrics. (more…)

July 16, 2012 Bharat

The gravest issue with clothing that we adorn today is that you have to wash it over and over again, now how about a T-shirt you need to wash only once a year? Wow right! Well, that’s what Rab has got our way with its MeCo 120 T-shirt. Crafted out of materials with anti-microbial and anti-stink properties the MeCo shirt has been tested in the sever conditions and its sweat soaking capabilities have been commendable. The T-shirt gets its anti-stink properties from the blend of merino wool and recycled polyester with Cocona technology. (more…)

July 9, 2012 Bharat

From the makers of mood interpreting and emotion displaying GRE: Mood Sweater comes the FURVER fo.corset, a wearable hard shell corset that interacts with the real world to keep the wearer safe. The protective fashion garment is inspired by the glowing tricks of sea anemones and the instincts of a porcupine that defend itself by raising the quills on its back and sides. Designer Kristin Neidlinger and team have embedded interactive proximity sensors laden fur with fiber optics on the nap of the neck of the corset. (more…)