Recycled waste made fire-resistant fabric is an eco-friendly safety solution

July 26, 2012 Bharat Clothing

Environmentally friendly fabrics and clothing cannot be strong, this is one myth I had grown up with, but Victor Group – specialists in apparels has turned the truth onto my face with their latest introduction dubbed the Ecoshield. As the name suggests, this new fabric is fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, made specifically for protective clothing for workers and individuals involved in works dealing with fire. Ably meeting all security standards, the Ecoshield, which is first fabric comprising post-consumer recycled aramid fabric waste is more comfy than the virgin aramid products and offers protection at par with the virgin fabrics.

Victor Group employs a customized closed loop recycling process to create the Ecoshield fabric, which is made by recycling coveralls worn by the factory workers. The coveralls land in landfills after their useful life but Victor Group’s initiative involves recycling these coveralls and other useless clothes (by cutting and shredding their fabric to fiber) into Ecoshield fabrics to make even better and fire-resistant coveralls. So, welcome the new eco-friendly and safe fabric choice for hazardous environments.

Via: Victor/Apparel