FURVER interactive corset guards personal space and readies you for self protection

July 9, 2012 Bharat Clothing

From the makers of mood interpreting and emotion displaying GRE: Mood Sweater comes the FURVER fo.corset, a wearable hard shell corset that interacts with the real world to keep the wearer safe. The protective fashion garment is inspired by the glowing tricks of sea anemones and the instincts of a porcupine that defend itself by raising the quills on its back and sides. Designer Kristin Neidlinger and team have embedded interactive proximity sensors laden fur with fiber optics on the nap of the neck of the corset.

The proximity sensors work like eyes on the back of the head allowing the fur to sense the approaching danger. On sensing some approaching the fur, like the porcupines quills, rises and the bio luminescent deepens to warn off the danger. The FURVER fo.corset with this interaction thus protects personal space and readies you for self protection.

Via: Sensoree