Imusic Hat: Ingenious creation to make music experience warm and stylish in winters

October 17, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

A slight combination of technology with clothing turns out to be a highly desired innovation. Such an example is the Music Hat(Imusic Wireless Music Knitted Cream Hat), a cleverly knitted winter fashion accessory for the music lovers, which apart from keeping your ears warm also allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the move. With headphone speaker positioned over each ear, this hat is very cosy, comfortable and warm.

The best part is that you don’t need any handy batteries as it is powered through your music device and being wireless it also allows you to get rid of those annoying cables hanging down your ears. All you got to do is put on the hat and plug in a transmitter to your music device with standard headphone socket (3.5mm jack) and it will play uninterrupted music as desired irrespective of what you are doing, whether you are standing on a bus stop, walking or running.

It is just like your very own boom box that doesn’t need to be carried around and a perfect accessory for home and travel, which can be easily hand washed by removing the speakers. It is priced at US$49.95 and is compatible with iPhones, iPods, Smartphones or any common music players.

Via: HayFever56