Wear your heart on your T-shit with heart-Felt Apparel!

October 18, 2012 Bharat Clothing

They generally tell you that the passionate guys are the ones that wear their ‘heart on their sleeve’. Well, for a change you can showcase it on your t-shirt now and thanks to the latest GIF technology, that is literally possible! Created by New York based artists Sean Montgomery, the tee can pretty much tap directly into the rhythm of your very own heartbeat and reflects it out for everyone to see. The brilliant idea uses your EKG to produce a flash of red light on the ‘Heart-felt Apparel’ t-shirt, which pretty much syncs up with your own heart.

The idea behind the creation of the tee is to try and showcase the way in which heart plays an essential role in every social interaction of our life and to remind us of our ‘electric’ roots. Well, no matter what the purpose of the creation is, it sure turned some heads at the biofeedback art and will be soon available for sale as well. We can already think of a million places where wearing this would be simply amazing. Maybe international sportsmen can wear such apparel in big matches just to show us what pressure does to them or even you can put it on the first day to college or the times when you approach a girl trying to pick her up. May not make a great impression, but the GIF should be red hot and racing!

The t-shirt is cleanable, but not washable thanks to all those electronic components and it carries 3 AAA batteries to juice up. Definitely is loads of fun

Via: psfk