Mind controlled dress tests your level of concentration to change form

June 20, 2012 Bharat Fashion

There is no limit to the amount of technology that’s finding way into clothing these days, fashionistas have adorned different silhouettes over time and each of these creative designs have been different in their own way. Intelligent dresses with displays and LED lights have been a common site on many fashion platforms, but a dress that can be controlled by the wearer’s mind – perhaps this is first of its kind. Bringing a new twist to techno-couture is Nange Magro designed mind-controlled dress that changes form and illuminates depending on the level of concentration of the wearer.

Dubbed the Mechapolypse, this shape shifting gown is part of Nagne’s MA project at the London College of Fashion. For all things interactive and mind-blowing, Nange has stuffed in an EEG chip with sensor, fiber optics and arduino to sense and measure the wearer’s level of concentration, which would result in varying behaviors and illumination of the elegant dress. So, how hard can you concentrate for the sake of fashion? If you can reach 3rd level of concentration, then the skirt will move for you and reaching 4th level will bring back the skirt to normal.

While the mind controlled dress comes out of its prototype stage, you start practicing your concentration skills. Good luck!

Via: Fashioningtech