Light up the dark nights with Fashion Interaction LED-lit Dress

October 18, 2012 Bharat Fashion

When it comes to lighting up the ramp and stealing the show, one must admit that the design of Gholamali Balouch is as good as any. The ‘Fashion Interaction’ dress is surely going to turn some heads no matter where it goes and the sheer audacity of the design along with the beautiful illumination that it brings make it worthy of all the attention it garners. The dress is basically designed with a 25×25 matrix of LED lights carefully enclosed in three different layers of fabric. The three technical and highly precise layers include a reflector, a softener and a diffuser.

The gorgeous look achieved by the dress really is all thanks to the way in which the LED lights have been beautifully dimmed and the resultant light is not actually a bright and dazzling form, but rather a soothing and warm glow. This really does add a sense of ‘divineness’ to the white fabric and considering how the fabric itself is perfectly comfortable to put on, the design might become a real hit when it comes to wedding and party wear.

You can control the Led lights using a programmable chip that comes with the dress and while the design was pretty hard to perfect and ended up being time-consuming, the result is there for everyone to witness and marvel at. Hopefully coming years will see similar clothing line being produced on a larger scale, just so that some of us can finally get some attention at the next big party!

Via: A Design Award