Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch for China’s first female astronaut goes into space

June 20, 2012 Gaurav Sood News

Showing off the beauty of oriental women in this vast universe, Fiyta Aeronautics Collection wristwatch was sent off into space along with China’s first female astronaut aboard Shenzhou-9 spacecraft. Taking inspiration from the elegant flying apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes this wristwatch has undergone stringent cold and heat tests in weightlessness of outer space.

As time synchronization in space is of the utmost importance amidst harsh environment and highly unpredictable conditions, Fiyta has always been up for the challenge in developing time keeping devices that are accurate and precise. This event has captured the eyes of the world and rightly so as China’s first female astronaut displayed the composure and bravery needed for outer space missions.