Yubi Piano you can wear on your wrist

October 19, 2012 Bharat Gear

Everyone has zeal to play musical instruments, but it’s hard to play any of the instruments without professional help. Above all these instruments are huge and can’t be carried around anywhere. Especially take an example of a piano, which is massive and complex. You can’t practice playing a piano here and there, but now you can as the ‘Yubi de Piano’ may turn anything around you into a piano.

Introduced as the Little Yubi Piano Do-Re-Mi, this piano is more like an electronic gadget that simply needs to be worn on your right hand. All you got to do is to attach the buttons to your fingers and the band with watch like appearance to your wrist. Once attached and tuned as desired start tapping your fingers on hard surface just like pressing the keys of a piano and it will play the complex chords and melodies made from up to four notes. In case the piano sounds doesn’t sooth your ears it also plays bells and cat sounds.

It is priced at US$74.93 and is available in three colours; black, pink and white. Grab your favourite colour and start playing this amazing musical toy wherever and whenever you want.

Via: 7Gadgets