ELEV8TE and DV8 Series: Hats and Visor collection that stream music without use of headsets

October 18, 2012 Bharat Featured

One of the biggest nuisances one can encounter is someone who thinks he thinks he or she is so cool that they put in headphones at super high volume and then decide to go out on the road. Not only are such individuals a danger to themselves, but also to everyone around and while we love music as much as the next guy, it simply makes no sense in stripping away the functionally of both your ears when you are outdoors. And the people at RESON8TE along with Swarm have decided to come up with a unique solution that allows people to enjoy their favorite tunes when outdoors, without having to use headphones.

The ELEV8TE and DV8 Series of hats and visors stream music continuously thanks to the “low profile and high quality” speakers that are hidden in the brim of the apparel. Simply put, you can tap into all the tunes, without covering up your ears with any kind of headphones and this not only gives you an added sense of freedom, but definitely is far safer for your ears as well, in the long run! Currently a project on indiegogo, you can get one of the hats or visors by being a part of the initial funding process that will help kick-start this up and coming firm.

If it reaches its goal of $25,000 within a month, not only will you get one of the first ELEV8TE or DV8 Series of hats, but you can bring them home at a price that will be 20 percent lower than their final retail price tag. The hats and visors all are water resistant, lightweight and look pretty fashionable as well. You can back the project and secure one of the hats and a mini amplifier starting $40. So, if you do like the idea, give it a push; we know we do.