3D printed Exoskeleton shoes look scary but impressive too

July 10, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

These high heeled shoes surely do look as if they are made for some sci-fi movie but they are not. Designed by Janina Alleyne, UK fashion footwear designer, these pair of high heels are called as the Exoskeleton shoes. Created using 3D printing technology in two pieces, upper and lower, the shoes were then later on joined together to form one piece of eye popping style that looks more like some alienated footwear that is made from exotic animal skeletal. There are teeth like Skelton structures on the toe and on the upper part there are exotic spikes to compliment the alien’ish’ look.

On the same lines this collection has other similar shoes which include Reptile Shoe and Scorpion Shoe which have been aptly named due to the way they look. The Reptile Shoe has white leather straps whereas the Scorpion Shoe has a white tail resembling a real scorpion. Although the collection is not for sale but still they impressed us all on first look itself. Maybe you too can derive some design inspiration from them and create your own version of high heeled or simple shoe designs.

# Exoskeleton Reptile Shoe

# Exoskeleton Scorpion Shoe

Via: Corolflot/3ders