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iSiri Smartwatch lets you control iPhone without even touching it

To own an iPhone is certainly one of the most interesting things that any human being can imagine. What is even more interesting is how further can one go with their iPhones and the technologies it offers? This is a question which everyone had been asking Apple and Apple users to themselves. Have you ever imagined, how much better the world would become if we were able to use our iPhones without even touching them? Until now, indeed the iPhone has revolutionized our world and to make it even better, Federico Ciccarese has come up with a concept called the...

Data glove and head tracking device that uses motion capturing system

Developed by a team of master program Media Direction students at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany this data glove and head tracking device is capable of detecting gestures and track objects using the motion capturing system Vicon. Not only this, the data glove has precise head tracking in virtual environment using 3D glasses for enhanced capabilities. The glove has been build using lilypad and bending sensors for gauging finger movements and for sending the data Bluetooth connectivity is available. To calibrate this whole thing a push button and LED is added so that the user can go back...

Trink Bluetooth-enabled directional loudspeaker headphones for public spaces

We all like our earphones and headphones because of the ambient sound and great listening experience they offer. But the finest of noise cancelling headphone are best for personal space, when it comes to listening to music in public, where people are conversing with you, these headphones can be a sting, as they block everything coming from the outside word. Enter Trink, a pair of directional loudspeaker headphones with Bluetooth, designed for the James Dyson Award, which do not cut off your relationship with the surroundings.

Tokyoflash Kisai Driver Android powered watch is their classy futuristic wrist wrap

Tokyoflash always strives to make watches that are different from the league and inculcating futuristic design cues into them. Working on the same trend Tokyoflash has released Kisai Driver (abbreviation for Driving Revolution), a watch phone running on Google Android operating system and having most of the functions of any standard smartphone. Although there are many other similar watch phone themed watches in the market, Kisai Driver is different as you can attain from the pictures as the design is quite futuristic and upbeat.

Stetheadphone from Antrepo Design Industry

If one of your many desires, one was to become a doctor and wear that stethoscope around your neck, then the Antrepo Design Industry has got a candy for you. Their “Stetheadphone” might not be able to make you a doctor, but for sure, is a cool tool to enjoy music and use your communication devices.

Racing Rolls-Royce in Andrew Chirkova’s style

These concept images just depict Andrew Chirkova’s desire to experiment on a racing car Rolls-Royce with a mid-engine layout. As it’s just a concept, not much has been said about the technical specifications; but no doubt, it’s a fabulous treat for those who love sport cars. You can check out the designer portfolio with some first words about the inspiration.

The Street Runner – Dynamic electric concept vehicle for racing enthusiasts

From rear the vehicle gives looks like that of batmobile, but it’s actually a three wheel racing concept designed by Brad Reynolds. The name, Street Runner, Ahints that it’s something about speed and sports. Designed for racing enthusiasts, designer has considered the impact of his creation on environment and has therefore included an electric engine.

Monobike – Space efficient zero emission ride

Monobike is yet another attempt to provide solution to heavy traffic and pollution problem in the urban conditions. A minor size makes it space efficient and provides advantage over other vehicles in conditions where traffic jams are unavoidable. Further, it requires lesser parking space.

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Futuristic Wheel Chair – Hi-tech mobility for the disabled

Designer Thomas Ross & Dave Cochrane’s ‘Futuristic Wheel Chair’ concept is indented to create mobility system using best of current technology available to improve the quality of life for individuals who are unable to walk (either at all or without assistance) but who had viable and varied use of their upper body. The concept was designed after considering some specific problems. First of all, wheelchair users often rely on slinging a backpack or similar over the back of their chair. Therefore, a more elegant cargo solution for a personal mobility system, a teardrop extrusion on the back of the product,...