Trink Bluetooth-enabled directional loudspeaker headphones for public spaces

September 18, 2012 Bharat Gear

We all like our earphones and headphones because of the ambient sound and great listening experience they offer. But the finest of noise cancelling headphone are best for personal space, when it comes to listening to music in public, where people are conversing with you, these headphones can be a sting, as they block everything coming from the outside word. Enter Trink, a pair of directional loudspeaker headphones with Bluetooth, designed for the James Dyson Award, which do not cut off your relationship with the surroundings.

The pair of Trink headphones designed to create a new form of communication, not only keep you as an active listener in public space, even when you are listening to music, but also let Trink users share music via Bluetooth. The Trink users can listen to same music in public space and talk about the song amidst each other. Just imagine you have Trink clipped on to your ears and you’re riding your bike, knowing well that no matter how loud that music in your ear sounds, you’ll be able to listen to the sound around you without directional sound leakage – comfortable ride guaranteed!