Monobike – Space efficient zero emission ride

April 22, 2010 Admin Autos

Monobike is yet another attempt to provide solution to heavy traffic and pollution problem in the urban conditions. A minor size makes it space efficient and provides advantage over other vehicles in conditions where traffic jams are unavoidable. Further, it requires lesser parking space.

Characterized by maneuverability, “obedience” and steadiness at a low speed, Monobike moves on the front and rear wheels. The front wheel consists of two segments (sections), which provides steadiness. At a maximum speed of 180 Km/h on the highway a special ducting can be opened to accelerate and change air direction, which lifts Monobike’s “tail” and the rear wheel up the land. It can be parked vertically that will solve the problem of space in your garage. This bike runs on electrical engines, which is a major advantage in concern to the environment as almost everyone knows that electric vehicles are zero emission.

Thanks Designer Ilia Vostrov