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Five Coolest wearable technologies being used in London Olympics

Summer Olympics 2012 are going faster, further and higher in London and everyone is enjoying the athletic extravaganza. Medals are reigning in the British Empire but the difference between a gold and silver is somewhere hiding in technology. There are many wearable technologies being adorned by athletes from various countries that are giving them that edge they need to take home the medals. While you wonder what these could be, we have lined in for you 5 coolest wearable technologies that athletes are using to enhance their performance (legally) in the London Olympics.

Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance glasses that increase sports performance

Nike has come up with a very innovative wearable technology called SPARQ Sensory Performance (SSP) which could be a defining tool in enhancing the sensory skills of athletes and increase their sports performance. The system has concrete proof that it drastically increases an athlete’s ability backed by research from Duke University. Using a unique method called Sensory Station for assessing around ten sport-relevant visual and sensory performance skills the athletes are given recommended training programs using Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear.

Mirage augmented substitutional reality performance system is the closest thing to reality

Tricking your mind into believing that something you are seeing is real can be a tough task but these Substitutional reality system developed by Japanese Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute manage this very feat. A perfect amalgamation of performance art and perceived reality puts forth a visual effect that is very close to reality and in fact trick the mind into believing that everything you are seeing is actually there in reality. Dubbed as Mirage project these uber cool glasses provide a simulation of the flow of time travel as the user is shown a...

Zuiji low-cost 3D TV glasses soon to hit the market

You’ll soon be able to lay your hands on a pair of low-cost 3D TV glasses that are going to be compatible with premium TV manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric, Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic and Sharp. Zuiji ZS3DGPR01 and Zuiji ZS3DGTV01 with liquid crystal shutter system brings a very intuitive way of viewing 3D content on your TV with technology that was earlier only used in 3D projectors DLP. Costing around 2,980 Yen both these 3D gasses have, liquid crystal shutter, automatic synchronization feature with infrared and contrast ratio of 1000:1.

Shuffle Sleeve wearable shoulder-mounted controller to play music on smartphone

How many of you love wearing a music controller on your body, until a few years back none would have thought it feasible but with the Shuffle Sleeve it’s now made possible, you can actually wear a music controller. Designed by German designer Katharina Bredies Shuffle Sleeve is a wearable controller one can sling around the shoulder to play music on a smartphone. The shoulder-mounted closed knitted tube hangs down till the waist and can be filled with coins to function as a music controller – rotate the sleeve around the shoulder (to shuffle the coins inside) and you can...

Enjoy 15 minute facial with aluminum face mask and sweat blemishes and wrinkles away

Women can do anything to look beautiful and Japanese seem to know this quite well, just so well that they have developed a personal Aluminum Facial Spa for women who can now carry out their own steam spa facials in the comforts of their homes just before a dinner with the spouse or a night out with friends. The weird looking face mask fits well on the face and can be fastened around the back of the neck with a velcro strap to stay firm. Japan Trends Shop recommends that the aluminum face mask should be used only for about...

Biomimicry shoe that mimics bird’s cranium is created using 3D printing

Inspired by the shape and bone structure of bird skull this Biomimicry shoe is created using 3D printing technique that is becoming ever so popular in fashion industry. This shoe is created by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho to beautifully portray the skeletal shape of birds while keeping it very lightweight truly signifying the agility, strength and elegance of the bone structure. Clearly inspired by nature this shoe is a result of their creative thinking and also shows how nature can have a defining say in inventive designs that leave us all amazed.

Mobile Music Touch glove is a bane for people suffering from spinal cord injury

A new kind of wireless musical glove has been created by researchers at Georgia Tech for improving the sensation and motor skills in people affected with paralyzing spinal cord injury (SCI) clearly shows how wearable technologies can help change people’s lives. The sensory glove is called as Mobile Music Touch (MMT) and is used in conjunction with piano keyboard to indicate the keys to be played as the vibration in the glove indicates that. In the study experiments conducted over eight weeks with participants suffering from spinal cord injury, project leader Tanya Markow (project leader) noticed considerable improvement as the...

Shoulder-mounted wearable robot enhances augmented reality experience

We want our cameras and robots to wearable so that we can see a whole new world of augmented reality from their eyes. While Microsoft is doing something of sorts with their shoulder-mount multitouch Kinect-powered projector that converts any surface into a gesture-sensing display, here we have a wearable robot concept from Active Vision Laboratory, which explores larger environments automatically viewing augmented reality on objects of interest. The wearable robot assistant comprises a shoulder mounted self stabilizing active camera and a handheld touch screen display.

GAUNTLET keyboard glove lends you one handed typing capability for any Bluetooth device

Designed by couple of former design students to solve the problem of typing on smartphone or computer with one hand alone, this DIY wireless typing glove could make it big in the future. Right now in beta stage the project is code named as G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. (General Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist) which lends people with stroke debilitation or missing hand new opportunity to have a helping hand in literal sense.