Oticon Intiga smallest fully wireless hearing aid doubles as invisible Bluetooth headset

August 21, 2012 Bharat Gear

Do you have a hearing problem and have been avoiding a hearing aid just because it looks so tacky sitting behind the ear. Well then, Intiga by Oticon is surely the device for you – it’s the smallest fully wireless hearing aid ever created that also features Bluetooth and can double up as a hands free headset when needed. The device is specifically designed in an organic shape, which follows the physical formation of the ear to fit comfortably behind it, so much so that the device is literally invisible on the ear, yet it delivers premium sound quality that even the big wired hearing aids fail to provide.

The Oticon Intiga is very comfortable to wear and is so adaptable in form and so tiny in size that no matter how active your life style the hearing aid sitting behind your ear will go unnoticed most often than not. The hearing aid courtesy Bluetooth can hock up to any smartphone for hands free calling and can connect with a TV or a computer to hear streamed audio with the Oticon ConnectLine system. Hit the jump for a couple more images and video of the Intiga.

Via: ProductPage