Wearable Go power kinetic charger powers gadgets as you run, bike or walk

August 7, 2012 Bharat Gear

There are many out there who wouldn’t shy a bit in calling the human body an inefficient and energy-wasting mechanism but if the kinetic energy of the human body is harnessed it could be a more viable and better alternative to sources of energy like solar and wind energy. Though solar chargers and hand crank manual chargers have made a foray into the market, there is still scope of a fine kinetic charger. To fit into this void designers have come up with the Go Power – a mobile power pack and battery charger that you can wear.

So, whether you’re out hiking, camping, walking, cycling or running just strap on the Go Power as a knee brace and you’re good to charge your iPhone, iPad or any other device you like carrying around. Go power provides us with a standby, rechargeable power pack that can recharge you mobile phone or any other electronic device by the movement of your body alone, thus letting you contribute more vigorously in the battle against global warming.

The Go power kinetic charger looks like a knee brace you’d wear on a serious injury but it is a great solution to harvest energy of the human body that goes waste to power cellphones that we are so dependent on. If you like the Go power then get over to Quirky and vote for the invention – who knows we could have the Go Power for real soon!

Via: Quirky