CyberGlove’s MoCap Glove makes motion capture, graphic animations fun

September 25, 2012 Bharat Gear

CyberGlove products have amazed us with their quality, ease of use and applications for decades now, and with the introduction of the MoCap Glove by CyberGlove Systems we are in for an all new experience in our graphic animation and motion capturing needs. Backed with experience and technology of the original CyberGlove products the (CyberGlove III) MoCap Glove, designed for rigorous physical mobility, comes with patented HyperSensor technology (18 or 22 flex sensors) making motion capture crisp and more accurate than ever before. Besides this, the MoCap Glove features onboard data storage that allows steady data tracking and faster plug-and-play to make data retrieval easy.

The MoCap Glove, compatible with CyberGlove’s existing software applications, is accompanied with USB and SD card support along with Wi-Fi that improves connectivity and increases the gloves operating range to up to 100 feet. The Glove syncs with any kind of facial, hand, or full body tracking device and thanks to its arm band, it is suited for any rigorous mobility in motion capturing sessions. The MoCap Glove features power saving mode offering extended battery life up, to 2 hours, has a mount camera marker for improved tracking with active palm arch sensor for more realistic animations.

Via: CyberGloveSyetems