Fit Shirt an ECG & vitals recording shirt that revolutionizes traditional methods of cardiac testing

October 31, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing


Have you ever wondered how would it be, if you got a shirt which can sense the functioning of your body? At first this might seem as a wonder but in today’s technological market where the wearable technology is making a new mark, this seems like another project, well done! Maxim Integrated, Clearbridge, VitalSigns & Orbital Research have jointly produced a shirt which is packed with ECG sensor technology, complex signal processing technology, a temperature sensor, motion sensor, an ultra low-power micro controller and to add up all; wireless electronics and its christened as the FIT SHIRT.

The best feature of this shirt is that being a product of preventive medical care it can revolutionize the field of medical non-invasive testing and diagnosis and comes much cheaper than the traditional methods of testing, as in use. In this fit shirt, the Clearbridge, VitalSigns’s dry electrode technology is capable of capturing the 3 lead PQRST intervals in V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 avf etc. waveforms of the ECG without the requirement of attaching the 12 lead ECG electrodes onto the skin, wrists and ankles. This makes it simply so easy for the medical practitioner and patient or wearer to take ECGs and vital readings without the complications of attaching wires, wired electrodes and stationery testing.

The FIT SHIRT comes loaded with the following devices and technologies, from its three partner producers:

From Maxim-

An ultra-low power MAXQ622 micro controller for easy-to-use and easy-to-program interfacing of multiple technologies. The MAX8671 power-management IC that delivers quiet supplies and efficient switching to the various sensors. The MAX6656 ultra-low-power temperature sensor that enables plug-and-play integration into the system. The MAX3204 USB protector that ensures safe handling and removed shock and ESD hazard from the electronics.

From Clearbridge, VitalSigns-

The ultra-low-power, multichannel CBVS1202 ECG-on-a-chip for an extended period of 3-lead ECG data acquisition. Clearbridge, VitalSign’s advanced motion artifact rejection algorithms which can effectively separate the ECG signal from additional noise. Clearbridge, VitalSign’s new 3-lead ultra-thin Cardio Leaf, housing integrated GUI application for desktop and mobile device.

From Orbital Research-

Orbital Research has provided with a Patented and FDA cleared dry electrodes which can capture of all the nuances of ECG waveform morphology with no discomfort to the wearer of the shirt. The dry electrodes do not require skin preparation or adhesives which allows reading continuous clinical-grade ECG signals from the host wearer for extended periods of wear.

The shirt looks promising in the field of non-invasive electro-cardiography and its developers and producers are quite reputed in their field of work. However, the product efficiency can only be known after mass trial and calibration with the standard medical equipments.