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Yubi Piano you can wear on your wrist

Everyone has zeal to play musical instruments, but it’s hard to play any of the instruments without professional help. Above all these instruments are huge and can’t be carried around anywhere. Especially take an example of a piano, which is massive and complex. You can’t practice playing a piano here and there, but now you can as the ‘Yubi de Piano’ may turn anything around you into a piano.

Imusic Hat: Ingenious creation to make music experience warm and stylish in winters

A slight combination of technology with clothing turns out to be a highly desired innovation. Such an example is the Music Hat(Imusic Wireless Music Knitted Cream Hat), a cleverly knitted winter fashion accessory for the music lovers, which apart from keeping your ears warm also allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the move. With headphone speaker positioned over each ear, this hat is very cosy, comfortable and warm.

Clip on your DIY Neurophone and enjoy music inside the head without headphones

About 40 years ago, an inventor by the name of Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone – a device which was a basic radio transmitter that could be picked by the human nervous system, the signals were received by the skin and the brain interpreted them into sound. The reason we didn’t use the Neurophone ever is because of high voltage that it used, which made it dangerous for routine use.

Shuffle Sleeve wearable shoulder-mounted controller to play music on smartphone

How many of you love wearing a music controller on your body, until a few years back none would have thought it feasible but with the Shuffle Sleeve it’s now made possible, you can actually wear a music controller. Designed by German designer Katharina Bredies Shuffle Sleeve is a wearable controller one can sling around the shoulder to play music on a smartphone. The shoulder-mounted closed knitted tube hangs down till the waist and can be filled with coins to function as a music controller – rotate the sleeve around the shoulder (to shuffle the coins inside) and you can...

Headphones with hanging ear rings for geeky fashion buffs

Headphones that double up as cool ear earrings and ear buds sound really exciting. Yes and this adds to your fashion style statement too as you can go on listening to your favorite music as you flaunt the unmatchable colored earing style.

Xylophone made entirely from Musical Stones of Skiddaw

After watching this incredible piece of musical art, a type of xylophone, entirely made from ‘Musical Stones of Skiddaw’, I was reminded of some lines which I had heard long ago, don’t remember where, that nature is capable of producing the sweetest music and it does, but only a few are able to hear and enjoy that. The information available tell us that it was created around 1785 by an, an eccentric inventor called Peter Crosthwaite, who came across these musical stones accidentally while taking a walk between the mountains Skiddaw and Blencathra in North Cumbria, UK.

Horn Dockstation for your iPhone

Along with iPhone there is a flood of applications and features that we can find on web everyday. Everybody has something unique to suggest that can make the iPhone more adorable. I found this iPhone horn dockstation, which looks absolutely a grand thing to attach with the device. I don’t have technical details and whatever I could speculate, is based on the images I found. From the design, it seems that outlet for sound is two way, but in more stylish way. Even without external energy source, this dock stations looks like a hi-fi stereo sound system. Don’t know about...