Shuffle Sleeve wearable shoulder-mounted controller to play music on smartphone

July 25, 2012 Bharat Gear

How many of you love wearing a music controller on your body, until a few years back none would have thought it feasible but with the Shuffle Sleeve it’s now made possible, you can actually wear a music controller. Designed by German designer Katharina Bredies Shuffle Sleeve is a wearable controller one can sling around the shoulder to play music on a smartphone. The shoulder-mounted closed knitted tube hangs down till the waist and can be filled with coins to function as a music controller – rotate the sleeve around the shoulder (to shuffle the coins inside) and you can skip to the next music track on the smartphone, by rotating the sleeve in the opposite direction you can skip to the previous track.

The Shuffle Sleeve is attached with four pull strings on its outside, dividing the sleeve in four equal segments, which when tied together lock the coins inside a particular segment. The coins thus work as a music player’s playhead, once two pull strings are tied and the sleeve is moved up and down the volume on the smartphone is controlled. When the alternate pull strings are attached the smartphone’s shuffle mode is activated, when the string with the coins is tied the music is paused releasing the string music starts to play again. When you want to switch of the music on the smartphone, simply tie all the strings, untie them all and your smartphone is ready to play you your favorite track. Enjoy listening.

Via: DesignResearchLab