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FORM_Z01 – An affordable universal multi-functional module for small homes

It’s not a surprise to see multi- functional furniture units are gaining popularity in the urban conditions where space efficiency has become a need. Form Z_01 is a similar idea to provide you a multi functional module, but with a more realistic vision. Mainly, it’s intended to satisfy those who can afford only a small room. Even in a small room of 17 square meters, Z_01 can make it possible to transform your room into a study room, a cloak room, a bedroom and a living room for parties. Even the maintenance is cheap as it’s not a complex task...

Stylish Lambretta table lamps to light up your lifestyle

After the classic Vespa lamps and Lambretta lamps, Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi has come up with a new stylish table lamp. This table lamp looks like old scooter head light and completely made of vintage machines. The most important thing is that you can order your lamp according to your specifications and you need to wait for 20-30 days to get your order completed. The price tag for this lamp is somewhere between £850 to £1050.

CrystalRoc creates fully crystallized XBOX for Microsoft

For a PR campaign Microsoft had commissioned CrystalRoc to produce a custom Xbox completely studded with Swarovski crystals. This might now be the first time that these two has teamed up together, but this piece is surely a unique one. The very shine, which glazed your eyes, didn’t come in an easy way. The whole piece took more than11,520 individual Swarovski crystals. All the embellishment work was finished in 72 hours. Even without any information about the expenses, it’s not hard to guess, at least, that it’s not a light one. Unfortunately, if you have developed a liking for this,...

Fascinating ‘Liberty’ bullet watch

Bullet might be a symbol of an ultimate power for average human being and it always fascinates them. So here is a special piece for them – a bullet shaped watch, designed by Hublot’s special Confrérie Horlogère division, which you can wear as a necklace or attach it with your keychain. The time bullet is made from titanium with a shell casing made from black aluminum. You can call it ‘Liberty’. This fancy watch that features a tourbillon mechanism and a roller display on the side to indicate time has got a heavy price tag, which might disappoint many of...

Celsius X VI II LEDIX – A $300k luxury mobile in steampunk style

I guess ‘Celsius X VI II LEDIX’ is quite a different name for a cell phone, at least for me, and most probably for you too. What attracts most, for an obvious reason, is its mechanical looks, which is also the main appeal of the design. However, the most appealing and surprising part is its price tag of $300k. It doesn’t stand anywhere near your blackberry in applications and functions, but still it will be in demand.

Dutch glass bull filled with Fortune Teller Gold Liqueur

This one is adorable enough to add to my collection. It’s nothing more than hand blown glass dutch bull filled with Fortune Teller Gold Liqueur, but still it’s different and quite amusing. I guess the tail meant to hold a cigar is the outlet for liquor too. It’s not just a glass bull, but the way it stands, with rear legs in that active position, it seems to be alive.

Dine & Wine at Maynard’s steampunk restaurant

Those who are aware of what the steampunk thing is, I have this wonderful place that has been entirely given a classic steampunk look. The place is Maynard’s – a restaurant in an old train depot in Tucson, Arizona. The inside environment just take you back to 20th centaury for a while. The decorative plan not only includes mechanical looks but has utilized real pieces of iron from 18th centaury rail track. It’s true. Have a close look at the feet of the bar table and you will be convinced.

Invisible Bra – Boost boobs size and shape without surgery

No need explaining why a girl would like have big juicy boobs. These very ladies will take to a surgery to increase the size and looks. But for those who don’t want to go through a surgical method, Instant Uplift, so called invisible bra will make it easier to give a perkier looks their precious treasure and that too in a price of £19, which is, of course, lesser than that of a surgery.

Lucciola – Combination of Light and Sound

Lucciola has been designed to provide you with a combination of light and sound in one device. Inspired from magical flying lighting spots seen in the summer nights, this 30cm long device provides stereo sound in pair and the effect depends on the number of things available in the place. You can choose your piece according to your taste and requirement of the place. For that, it will be available in different editions with few modifications to suite the place in which you are using it like home, club and baby edition offering different colors and different way of positioning.