FORM_Z01 – An affordable universal multi-functional module for small homes

May 31, 2010 Admin Lifestyle

It’s not a surprise to see multi- functional furniture units are gaining popularity in the urban conditions where space efficiency has become a need. Form Z_01 is a similar idea to provide you a multi functional module, but with a more realistic vision. Mainly, it’s intended to satisfy those who can afford only a small room. Even in a small room of 17 square meters, Z_01 can make it possible to transform your room into a study room, a cloak room, a bedroom and a living room for parties. Even the maintenance is cheap as it’s not a complex task to clean it.

The whole unit is made from wooden chipboard parts and a metal frame, which are easy-to-fix and occupy only a quarter of a small room. Its six wide side shelves make it a perfect cloak room and a clothes rack. As a workplace it includes a desk with built-in-lamp and two pull-out drawers. At night time it’s a sliding bed for two persons. At the time of parties it becomes your bar counter and the podium becomes a chill-out zone when the bed is pushed under it. Form Z_01 has already won RED DOT AWARD 2009 for such multifunctional design.