Dine & Wine at Maynard’s steampunk restaurant

March 25, 2010 Admin Lifestyle

Those who are aware of what the steampunk thing is, I have this wonderful place that has been entirely given a classic steampunk look. The place is Maynard’s – a restaurant in an old train depot in Tucson, Arizona. The inside environment just take you back to 20th centaury for a while. The decorative plan not only includes mechanical looks but has utilized real pieces of iron from 18th centaury rail track. It’s true. Have a close look at the feet of the bar table and you will be convinced.

On that table, you will not only be served inspired cocktails and exquisite desserts, but a small timeless journey to historical world of classics. Old metal has been meticulously used small things such as the round metal table, bottle holder, the door knob, and the restaurant sign board.

Go through the photograph and you will get better understanding of what I couldn’t say in words and check out the official website of Maynard’s for information about the hotel.