Style Me Girl 3D fashion role playing game makes you a fashion icon

June 22, 2012 Bharat Technology

It’s difficult to be the #1 RPG on iTunes, but if the game is something as chic as the Style Me Girl – the world’s first 3D fashion game for mobile i.e., then you know half the battle is won. Developed by Hong Kong-based startup Frenzoo, the game to up our lifestyle courtesy 3D has accumulated over 1 million downloads since its launch some two weeks back.

The game is available free of cost on Apple App Store, Google Play Market and Amazon Marketplace. Style Me Girl besides being #1 in the iTunes App Store for free Role Playing Games, it is also #1 for all free games in the Amazon Marketplace, now beat this! What makes the game so wanted you ask, well, its focus entirely on women may be enough a statement, I guess!

Jokes apart, Style Me Girl combines loveable characters with a luxurious lifestyle and mini-games to keep you engaged. The game invites player to join as intern at a popular style magazine of the glamorous New York Fashion scene and then rise up the career ladder as a celebrity stylist in the high-stakes fashion world. The best part of the game is that the models are 3D avatars which so nearly mimic the body moments and add that extra realism to photoshoots etc in the game. So, is that women in you ready to be a fashion and style icon, you’ve always wanted to be?

Via: Frenzoo/PRWeb