Stylish and colorful clutches made entirely of Lego Bricks

June 22, 2012 Bharat Lifestyle

You’ve always wanted to stand out as fashion statement for your friends and others around you; your wardrobe is filled with the most unique dresses, shoes, clutches and handbags et al? Then, here is your chance to grab on to the rarest of clutches – rare because this dark blue clutch is made entirely with Lego bricks and is only made to order. Agabag can make the handbag in any color you prefer, multi-colored clutches are also available.

The $120 price tag may set you back, but what is in the price when you can grab on to a clutch that make all your friends envy you. Measuring 23 x 10, 5 x 2 cm on the outside covered in Legos, the inside of the clutch has a fine layering of dark grey satin. All the Lego bricks are properly connected so, you can stuff in all you’d carry for a party or elsewhere, without an iota of a doubt that it’ll look like a toy clutch or will fall apart. Enjoy the colors!

Via: Etsy