GroundWave Shadow Trainer sneakers teach you how to dance with perfection

June 22, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

Combining amazing design aesthetics and latest in motion sensing technology these cool looking sneakers can teach you how to tap your feet so that the world notices you. Designed by Industrial Designer Tom Sykes as part of his Final Year Project at Loughborough University Design School, he named them as GroundWave Shadow Trainer. Working in harmony with app specifically made to track the wearer’s feet movement courtesy accelerometer and sensors embedded in the shoe, GroundWave Shadow Trainer keeps you motivated to perfect those moves with video game like curiosity to keep going on till perfection is achieved.

Tom Sykes designed these sneakers to get over the problem of childhood obesity in children by inculcating a fun way to encourage exercise and body fitness through such rigorous activities as dancing. Taking the sneakers as fit for inner city youth urban dancing is the theme with these shoes.

# How the GroundWave Shadow Trainer sneakers came to life

Via: Psfk