Sound Activated El wire bra for chicks who like to bamboozle them all

July 25, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

If you are a hip girl walking into the clubs, rave parties, festivals, burning Man EDC show or any other parties to take everyone by surprise then Sound Activated El wire bra is you perfect adversary. Hand-made and in various color options and powered by small 4 AAA battery pack, the light up El wire bras are surely going to draw attention of the crowd. Along with that the sound reactive and sensitivity switch can be used to adjust the loudness of the effect depending on the ambience and loudness of the party.

One can choose from a variety of bra color options and the El wire color can also be selected according to your likes. So choose one for yourself and leave everyone flabbergasted with jaw dropping reactions in the club.

# How does the Sound Activated El wire bra work?