Wearable sculptures by Tracy Featherstone provide order and control

July 25, 2012 Yash Accessories

When a few different things are blended together, a new form of goodness comes into existence. If you do not believe in this theory then start believing because when you will see the art-work of artist Tracy Featherstone, then you are sure to get astonished. Tracy has come up with an idea that fuses architecture, clothing and furniture altogether. These are the portable sculptures made of pieces of wood. The material takes the shapes that faces the flesh and follows the human body curves and finally binds the both of them. These structures are called wearable structures and are well conceptualized by Tracy.

The artist elaborates that the actual inspiration of these wearable structures came by the idea that wearable structures materialize one’s daily struggle between the control and chaos. The balance of such structures present with the great dynamics and stability. The building materials that were used in the past to build the living spaces and environments are used by Tracy to form a frenetic fashion that can provide architectural security to the wearer. This imposes a form of order into the times when you are moving out of control and balance.

Now, when you place these wearable wooden structures onto the human figure then traditional role of the structure or what you can call as stability turns into the mobile function and the wearer gets into the illusion of stability. Thus, control and order are two things that are achieved by these structures. Just like the water can find place to move when obstructed, similarly these structures give new ways to move around in daily life and routine. All these sculptures use the materials like wood, fabric, string and collage. There are about 7 to 8 odd designs that Tracy has worked out with and all look fabulous.

Via: Muuuz/TF