Your smartphone slipping out of shirt pocket? Not anymore with K-pocke

June 19, 2012 Gaurav Sood Fashion

Gosh whenever I put my smartphone or music player inside my shirt pocket the chances of hearing the dreaded thud as metal hits cold ground increase three folds. Simply because the age old shirt is very bad at holding anything solid that can easily pop out even if you bend over a little or jump up for some reason. Thank god to a new pocket design for shirts that will never let your expensive gadgets slip out and prevent any hefty repair bills that follow. K-Pocke is a new age design for shirts to prevent any spills and it is patented too.

Being a double layered pocket it allows you to easily put things like smartphone inside through the slits on the side and once inserted there is no way that expensive piece of gadget is slipping out of the pocket. There is also an outer pocket section that is much like a traditional shirt pocket just in case you need to put something that won’t slip out like paper or bills. Removing out the items is also easy as you can pinch it out through the bottom. The only downside is that the shirts that we see here are not very impressive in colors or pattern, although the patent method looks cool.