World’s first ever Hello Kitty beauty spa opened in Dubai

June 19, 2012 Gaurav Sood Lifestyle

Dubai is the land of beautiful and never before seen architectures that attract people from across the globe owing to their sheer class. But this time around Dubai is in the spotlight courtesy introduction of world’s first ever Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. Since its first inception in Japan in early 1970’s, Hello Kitty has turned into a brand name with profound popularity amongst females of all ages.

The spa is located in the Town Centre Jumeirah and designed specifically keeping in mind the needs regarding high-end spa treatments for young girls and older women their theme also signifies the women as Princesses and Queens. Making the theme feel more like some fairy tale location the Hello Kitty spa is all pink and white. To complete the Hello Kitty theme there are plenty of accents signifying the brand name for that elite feel. So if you are looking for a spa treatment in Dubai, Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is one that should be on your schedule list.