Sens’it’ive makes blind aware of their surroundings

October 26, 2012 Gaurav Sood Accessories

Imagine being blind and surely you will get chills to your spine! Indeed, opthamology has made a lot of progress in improving the scenario with blind people but there are certain vision anomalies that cannot be treated even today. So, to overcome this deficit in a blind human, Cyrille Rouffiat is working on an eyewear that can detect obstacles in the path of blind guys (wearing it), thus reducing their risk of  bumping into something & fall over; preventing them from getting  minor or serious injuries. This white, opaque yet sleek aid for the blind, currently in-research is known as Sens’it’ive. As far as I can guess, they mean Sense-it- I have (meaning that I too can sense ‘it’) or have sensed ‘it’ (“it” being the obstacle).

The eyewear is designed to interpret surroundings, in-place of the wearer’s eyes. This Sen’it’ive eyewear, employs motion-sensing technology to sense and identify any obstruction that may come in the path of the blind while walking and communicate its presence by sending vibrations. If an obstacle appears on the left, the vibrations are sent to the left side of the blind and if it appears on the right, then the pulsations stimulate the back of the right ear.

This aid not only looks cool and sexy but also would empower the blind to move about, on their own with least danger and reduce the use of a walking cane.

Via: TrendHunter