Memoto 5megapixel wearable camera captures twice a minute of your life

October 24, 2012 Gaurav Sood Accessories

On the 28th of April, 2009; there came into existence a funding platform named Kickstarter. Since then, this platform is full of creative, innovative, ambitious and imaginative projects which promise to give new dimensions to the existing technological applications and hardware around us. It’s not just innovative thinking or transformation but a creation of a whole new material that can shape our future for better. That is why; kickstarter has a strong 2.5 million people pledging more than $ 350 million on more than 30 thousand projects, till now. So, among so many ambitious projects, here is one unique and panache project that can be called, “freaking cool”! What I am talking about is the new Memoto wearable camera created by a Swedish company of the same name for life-loggers or those keen on capturing sudden but precious moments of life.

When, reading about this camera, one would certainly question that what is so special about it that it deserves special recognition and appraisal; when the world is full of hi-tech digital SLR type still photographic cameras? The answer to this very common question lies in the concept and idea behind the making of this little but wonderful thing. Memoto makers, researched for nearly 365 days before putting this camera into reality. They talked specially to those folks who are keen in recording even the slightest activities of their lives and those who keep a record of even the smallest thing happening in their business or activities. This camera is to an extant comparable to a CCTV camera, the only difference being its frame shooting time of 30 seconds (twice in a minute) and portability or mobility (which a CCTV cam can’t be).

Many a times people are not prepared to shoot a special moment which they wished they could have, like the first crawl or toddling of their kid(s), a certain laugh , a smile or a fright some sudden disaster. This unique camera is built for this day to day event recording. This little square 36mmX36mm and 9mm thick, 5 mega pixel camera can be worn on one’s shirt or any piece of cloth being put on for automatically taking pictures in every 30 seconds with GPS tagging and store it on its 4GB of memory for at least 2 days’ time without the worry of setting it again and again, changing modes, clicks and battery charging (additionally a built-in accelerometer makes sure that each photo is oriented correctly, regardless of the camera’s position and a LED battery life indicator, indicates the remaining battery life).

The camera can be charged by simply plugging it to one’s computer, while it automatically uploads the shot pictures to the Memoto’s server, where they are catalogued according to the date, day and time of shoot and even lightning conditions. The best thing is that these pictures can be searched and shared on the web with the help of Memoto app which is scheduled for release on both apple and Android platforms. Another positive aspect about this system is that Memoto will remain private by default, encrypted and visible only to the user. The guys behind this awesome device are launching it with Kickstarter platform and are hopeful of its launch in early 2013 at a market price of $279 in graphite, orange, white and grey colors, it can be bought a bit early with Kickstarter campaign at an additional cost of $199.

Many fantastic and special moments become blurred together after a while and it feels like life just rushes by, too fast for us to grasp, we at Memoto wanted to find a way to relive more of our lives in the future – and enjoy the present as it happens.

Quoted the makers of Mometo!

Via: Gizmag