Reebok’s new Sports Impact Indicator device for making sports safer

October 26, 2012 Gaurav Sood Technology

What can spoil a perfect athlete’s health and even end his/her carrier is an injury, which can happen while practice sessions or real game. The worst among these injuries are head injuries like concussions. There are many types of helmets which are available in the market to prevent or soak the shock caused by such injuries. But what if we are able to know the scale of damage caused by an injury and determine there and then if we need a medical help or can resume our game, measuring the impact of injuries? Well, this is not just an imagination but a soon to be finished, wearable Sports Impact Indicator by Reebok-CMM hockey and Cambridge’s MC10, which shall be available in the market in early 2013. This device known as the “sports impact indicator device”, it is housed inside a thin, breathable mesh skullcap that can be worn under helmets used for any sport.

Reebok announced that:

As one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the world, we are focused on not only improving the performance of amateur and professional athletes, but also doing whatever we can to protect players from possible injury.

Additionally, Philippe Dube, the general manager of Montreal’s Reebok-CCM Hockey, gave statement, saying:

As we know, head injuries are of the greatest concern today, and there is still much to be learned in this area. This product is a significant step forward in this process, and we’re very excited to be able to make it available to consumers for the first time next year.

This hi-tech device, “the Sports Impact Indicator” is capable of providing visual measurement of the impact, which can be seen by athletes and can guide them for improvement in any particular move and display how great the injury is and how it can be prevented. The device shall be available in 2013 and would let sportsmen/women judge their required force and also help them in preventing head injuries. Conformal biometric sensors are changing the way sports used to be played for better and this is just another step in making the athletes safer.

Via: MC10inc