Play Me: The Human Instruments gives insight into wearable technologies

July 5, 2012 Gaurav Sood Clothing

In an effort to take e-textile manufacturing and wearable technologies to the next level a two day workshop was organized in Portugal for the same. The participants were shown how to make textile sensors from handmade conductive thread, yarns or fabric. These sensors are very sensitive and can be designed specifically to capture gestures of human body and then translate them into sound output. To do this the lilypad arduino is used to read the sensor input and wirelessly transfer it via Bluetooth or xbee to a computer having Max/MSP software.

This leads to production of music from the body as someone touches you and if you can get hang of things. Aptly named as Play Me: The Human Instruments, this workshop is a true insight of where wearable technologies are heading in the future.

Via: Kobakant