Proximity sensing sunglasses project live performance data in front of athletes’ eyes

July 4, 2012 Bharat Gear

People have said that when you are competing in a race or a marathon, you should never look back. But, this little design from Luc Fusaro for Oakley will make you look back without actually turning back. Does that sound confusing to you? Let’s simplify it a bit for you to understand. We are here talking about the light mirrors sunglasses concept which is innovative in design and will be a great addition as an eyewear for elite athletes.

Luc Fusaro, a young French engineer and designer, has conceptualized this next generation eyewear for athletes to let them see the location of their competitors. This proximity sensing performance sunglasses concept also got the nomination in the product design category for the D&AD Student Award 2012. The Oakley defines itself from its brand statement ‘Beyond Reason’. Just carrying this philosophy, it is sure to design eyewear better than the existing ones which will let athletes to perform strategically.

These ‘light mirrors’ sunglasses are different from the usual sport sunglasses that you see players and athletes wear during many various games and sports. The reason of this difference is that these light mirrors sunglasses have enabled proximity sensing in competition.

Sooner the RFID technology that is presently used will be upgraded with the GPS tracking technology which will give just the exact location and time of athletes while running. In case of cars that have proximity sensing in use, the driver can know about the exact location of a particular obstacle in the way. Likewise, this eyewear will help in collecting info on the actual distance between you and the others who are racing with you (both leading as well as the lagging ones). The information thus calculated will be transmitted to a radio receiver that has been placed inside eyewear itself. Thereafter, the edges of glass lenses will display that information without distracting your front view.

This is a design that will be extremely useful for the athletes who train and compete in races like cycling, running and triathlon. Having all that information will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.